Snowplowing List

The Town of Stubbs will continue to plow private driveways for residents over 62 years of age for free. Since we have a new contractor for this service, the Town needs to update our list of residents who receive this service. The Town of Stubbs requests that if you wish to have your driveway plowed this coming winter that you contact the following individuals no later than October 23:

Jim Zak 868-3279
Lyle Leiffring 715-296-0649
Duane Taylor 868-2336
Tom Atwood 868-9355

When contacting the Board members please include the spelling of your full name and the address of your residence. You may call or mail the information to any of the listed individuals. Residents who do not meet the deadline will not have their driveways plowed for the upcoming winter. The Town will no longer plow driveways for individuals who are not 62. Residents who in the past received this service must contact a private snow removal service. This notice will appear in the Ladysmith News for the next two weeks starting October 14, 2015.