Forms & Permits

Building Permit

Note: Land use permits and sanitary permits must be filed with the Rusk County Zoning Office.

Call (715) 532-2156

Original will be sent back to applicant. Copies will be sent to Assessor, Township, and Building Inspector.


Building Permit Guidelines

The Town Of Stubbs requires a building permit on structures 100 square feet.

A penalty of $50.00 will be imposed on any person or entity that fails to obtain the required permit within 30 days of the start of construction or improvements requiring a building permit.

Permits are required before moving a mobile home, either moving in to Town Of Stubbs or moving out.

Permits are required for all driveways and culverts.  A penalty of $50.00 will be charged if a permit is not obtained before work has begun.

Permits must include address and parcel id number.  Please contact the clerk for any additional questions.  Please contact Steve Kuester at (715) 379-3453 if changes or improvements.